Free Online Resources

Since all of Martha Finley’s works are out of copyright, many of them are available free online to download. Here is a list of ones I have found.

This book tells the story of Fred, who finds many difficulties to face with a new father, and family. He also goes off to college and meets many friends and adventures. Written as a role model for boys, An Old-fashioned Boy, encourages what Martha Finley calls “Old-Fashioned Obedience”.

This books follows the stories of a few families who are persecuted for their Christian faith during the Spanish inquisition. They go threw many trials and hard ships, but cling closer and stronger to the Lord as a result of the persecution. Very good history lesson as well as story.

It was a dark, cold, and rainy night. The train stopped for less than an hour in a little town. A young woman, hungry, and dying stumbles to the inn in her arms she holds a small child. In love for her little girl, and in belief that she is dying, the young woman gives her little girl to a husband and wife with no children of their own.

Kenneth Clendenin has recently moved to Ohio as a frontier doctor. He falls in love with a young lady in the town, but for some mysterious reason he can not marry her. He appears to be holding some strange family secret …and what do those do his long lonesome rides into the wilderness mean? Do have something to do with it?

The Elsie Dinsmore Series

The Mildred Keith Series


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