Places to Buy

You can purchase individually each of the 28 volumes in the Elsie Dinsmore Collection from Amazon. Enter the number of each book you are looking for. Books # 13 (The only one I couldn’t find searching by number), is available here.

A set of paper back Elsie Dinsmore’s are available from Christian Books. Very few people still sell the later Elsie books. You can also find paper back copies of the Complete Elsie Dinsmore Series from Christian Books and Grace and Truth Books.

Amazon sells a number of different additions of the Elsie Dinsmore Series, paper back as well as hard cover.

This little cloth, hard bound copy of Martha (Farquharson) Finley’s Brookside Farm-House. The First time this book as been available since the early 1900’s. Available for purchase Here.



The Original Mildred Keith Books are Available from Amazon. Titles include:

  • Mildred Keith
  • Mildred at Roselands
  • Mildred and Elsie
  • Mildred’s Married Life
  • Mildred at Home
  • Mildred’s Girls and Boys
  • Mildred’s New Daughter

The update/edited versions are also available from Amazon (THESE EDITIONS HAVE BEEN ALTERED FROM THE ORIGINAL WORK). Updated Titles include:

  • Elsie’s Endless Wait
  • Elsie’s Impossible Choice
  • Elsie’s New Life
  • Elsie’s Stolen Heart
  • Elsie’s True Love
  • Elsie’s Troubled Times
  • Elsie’s Tender Mercies
  • Elsie’s Great Hope

Milly Keith Series (Updated) include:

  • Milly’s Unsettled Season
  • Milly’s Courageous Days
  • Milly’s Remarkable Journey
  • Milly’s Faithful Heart
  • Milly’s Steadfast Love
  • Milly’s Grand Adventure
  • Milly’s Reluctant Sacrifice
  • Milly’s Fiery Trial

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