The Dolls

The Elsie Dinsmore doll was the brainchild of Christian homeschooling parents Lee Bereza and her husband Bill. They wanted a wholesome doll, based on the books by Martha Finley, for their daughter Sarah and for other young girls like her. The dolls hands are molded to allow them to clasp in prayer. It was a family business, Breezy Point Treasures, and the dolls were originally manufactured for them by the Lee Middleton doll company (of Ohio) starting in 1998. The picture above to the right shows the two dolls sold by Breezy Point Treasures: Elsie Dinsmore and Mildred Keith.

Mission City Press bought the doll line in 2003 and has greatly expanded the collection.The dolls are still made in America by RJG Toys, LLC of NJ. Elsie and Mildred (now called Millie) got makeovers; they are the same sculpt but their painting, costuming and hair was changed dramatically. Elsie got ringlets and Millie’s hair went from black to blonde. The styling and costuming of the new dolls is done by doll maker Robin Woods and shows her frilly, exceedingly feminine style. All of the extensive line of clothing that is available for these dolls reflect the Southern Belle, antebellum fashions of the dolls’ characters from the books. The clothing features lots of frills, trims and ruffles and layers and layers of underclothes.

Two new dolls were introduced by Mission City Press: Violet (Elsie’s daughter) and Laylie, a girl born into slavery. Laylie ┬áhas a new, closed-mouth face mold. Also added to the collection was the Kathleen McKenzie doll, a young girl growing up in the Great Depression. Laylie and Kathleen where additions to the Elsie books by Mission City Press, neither of these Characters where in the Original Elsie Dinsmore books. Mission City Press also started A Life of Faith Girls Clubs, which are both in-person and on-line. The Life of Faith Doll line was retired in late of 2009 and they are no longer being produced.

[Thanks you to Just Magic Dolls for the above information!]

9 Responses to The Dolls

  1. Lemstone Parable says:

    We are wondering how to purchase these dolls for a customer. Is there an alternate website we can order them from?

    • koleesa says:

      All of the dolls are currently out of production, though I do think amazon still is selling some. As well as the possibility of buying them new off of ebay.

      • Amanda says:

        If you know anyone interested….I have an original signed and numbered Elsie Disnmore from Breezy Point Treasures AND a MIldred Keith. They are very low of the FIRST made by Breezy Point Treasures. My sister, Lee Bereze worked with the artist to create these beautiful dolls. Looking to sell before Christmas. Was thinking of putting on eBay to find the right buyer.

  2. Alisha says:

    If you are lucky, some Family Christian Stores around you may still have some of the dolls–the Elsie, Millie, and Violet dolls are likely going to be in different dresses (second editions of them), but they may have first editions. A store some ways away from me had first editions of both Elsie and Millie and were willing to ship them to me! You’ll have to act fast, they were marked down at first to $69.99 and are now marked down again to $49.99 if your store has any left.

  3. Lisa says:

    do you know if anyone has these dolls left? My daughter loves them and I can’t find them anywhere.


  4. Jaci says:

    I just bought a Elsie doll for $5 she is in perfect condition and is numbered 270/1000 signed by Lee Bereza is she valuable?

  5. Rachael says:

    Looking to buy Violet. .or any or the dolls for my two girls. Does anyone know where I can find them?

    • valerie crawford says:

      I just bought a Violet doll at a thrift shop. She does not have clothes and her hair needs brushing. Otherwise she is a very pretty doll. You can contact me at if you are interested in the doll.
      Valerie Crawford

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